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The gastronomic perfection of your wedding

About Us

Inspired by your dreams and feelings, we create the perfect menu that will appeal to every invited guest.

Using products of the highest quality only, in gastronomic terms we can offer our guests the best of Italian, Ukrainian and Caucasian cuisine. Our menu combines classic tastes and accents of new world trends in gastronomy.

So that you can be sure that we have made the best offer for you, we are conducting pre-wedding tastings. You can see the complex styling of the table, and our waiters will look exactly the same as on the day of your event.

Each wedding is unique and all the details in it are not accidental. Based on the general concept and color scheme of the holiday, we will be able to adapt to any format, be it a wedding dinner for the most close and close ones or a grand event.

  • Banquet
  • Buffet table
  • Children's holiday catering
  • Wine tastings
  • Wedding catering


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